The local council have informed us that they can no longer afford to maintain the football pitches at the Marsh.

They have asked us as the main user to take over the Management which as there is a shortage of alternative pitches is probably our only option.

The club is very busy trying to negotiate the lease and raise the necessary additional funding for getting this up and running. The Race Night back in November proved a great success raising nearly £1000 which has gone into the Marsh fund and applications have been sent to several agencies including:-

Sport England, Dorset Community Foundation, McDonalds Kick Start, Reaching Communities, Co-Op Community Fund, Peoples Health Trust, DCC Working With You.

There are others that the window for applications will be open in a couple of months time but the main drawback is that we will be expected to have in place 50% of the expected overall costs of approximately £15,000.

As always we are desperately trying to find ways of raising the funds without having to ask our parents to put their hands in their pockets again and if anybody has any ideas for fund raising please contact your team manager or Andy (Harris) or Jim (Halls).

Don’t forget that if you have a contact who would like to donate we are Gift Aid registered so the government will give us another 25% provided we fill in the necessary form.

Remember everyone this is Your Club and we are working very hard to protect it so any input, any ideas would be most gratefully received.

The Marsh:- Contact details

Project Manager – Mr Andy Harris –

Treasurer – Mr Jim Halls –

THANK YOU to all those that supported the 2019 Tournament.

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