Utility Warehouse:-

The club has recently become registered as a Community Fund Raiser through the Utility Warehouse Discount Club. The Utility Warehouse is a new way of paying for your Gas, Electric and Phone (incl. Mobiles) bills and receiving discounts off the total that you pay. You will also receive a Cashcard which when you use it to purchase items you receive further discounts off your utilities bills.

But the best bit is if you register using Cougars Appeal Number K22010 the club also receives a donation at no extra cost to you!

The scheme was set up by one of our player’s parents Matt Walkden and he is more than happy to help and explain how it all works, Give him a call on Freephone 0800 840 6360 or Mobile 07736014831.


This stands for: Community Amateur Sports Club and what it means is we are now registered through HMRC (Urghh) for certain tax advantages. In particular we now qualify for Gift Aid which as most of you know could prove hugely beneficial to the club. Any sponsorship deals in future, provided the sponsor is willing and able to sign a gift aid form, could mean that the club receives an extra 25% from the Revenue at no extra cost to the sponsor. To put that in some sort of context: A kit deal of £400 paid for by the sponsor is actually worth £500 to Cougars. This applies to any donation no matter how large or small!

Coaching Courses:

As a Charter Standard club, Cougars ensures that all it’s Coaches and Managers are FA Level 1 trained. We are committed to try and offer the best possible standards for your children and we are constantly looking to increase our ‘stock’ of trained coaches. If anyone is interested in taking their Level 1 qualification we are happy to contact the FA and get things organised. Cougars will pay Level 1 fees for up to 2 coaches per team. This will be conditional on:

1) Coach remains with Weymouth Cougars for 2 years

2) Coach remains with Weymouth Cougars for 12 months and agrees to repay 50% of fee

3) If a coach leaves Weymouth Cougars within 12 months and agrees to pay 100% of fee,

*Unless the committee agrees to waive the repayment owing to changing circumstances.

Parent Committee Representation:

We would like to see a far greater parental involvement on the committee. Ideally our goal is to have 1 parent representative from each team. Ultimately the decisions we make affect both children and parents so we believe it is in everyone’s best interests. If you are interested please your manager.

We would also like any feedback from any parent or player on any aspect of the club. Either contact one of the committee or speck to your Team Manager


The FA are supporting the CPSU (Child Protection in Sport Unit part of the NSPCC) . To help raise awareness of the important role parents and carers have in supporting children in the development and enjoyment of sport.

More info at https://thecpsu.org.uk/

THANK YOU to all those that supported the 2019 Tournament.

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